Taking the World of Music Festivals by Storm

Welcome to SGE World Wide!


Who We Are


We are a team of professionals, creating successful solutions for live music festivals, tours, and destination events. We produce and market large scale multi-city and multi-stage festivals and events. We can go in and out of different festivals and bring uniqueness to each one, irrespective of the genre. We also offer consulting services to assist with any aspect of event planning or brand activations. We are a rare and valued partner in the music industry.

Our Values


We pride ourselves in being part of creating the emotional experience and enjoyment derived from attending a live event. We are not only talented and determined; we get along with people, have an understanding with artists, and we help them execute their vision.

Our Story

Synergy Global Entertainment (SGE) began in 1989. Our vision was to create large scale solutions for artists and musicians by managing and making deals for them. We then evolved into creating touring music festivals and destination festival events. We've been producing and marketing these live events for clients for decades now.

Our current success is a result of our years of working with artists and musicians, coupled with a high level of organization and deep relationships in the entertainment industry. Our decades of experience in the industry is key to why several artists want to work with us.

What We Do


At Synergy Global Entertainment, our focus is all about you. With our talents, we provide large scale solutions in the following areas:

SGE Productions


We produce and market touring music events across different cities and stages. We work with different genres and acts ranging from heavy metal bands to country music. We don't just love being around artists and musicians; we can speak with and relate to them.

We also produce events for companies in various industries such as the automotive, consumer electronics, insurance, beverage, and retail industry.